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2016 Resolution – going cruelty-free!

This is my first post in quite a while! Since October, I’ve decided to self-host my blog, install a pretty new theme, and get more serious about posting regularly. As far as beauty goes, I’ve fallen in love with Asian skincare, and I’m making a commitment to only spend money on brands that do not test on animals. As it happens, a few days ago, Korea announced that they are working to ban all animal testing on cosmetics by 2018! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. In only the past four months, many of my regular skincare products that I’ve used for years have been replaced by Korean ones.

As for why I’ve decided to go cruelty-free, well, as I get older and have more disposable income, I want to support companies with good business practices, and I can’t justify giving money to companies that continue to test on animals unnecessarily. I also realized that in the past few years, I would spend so much money on products just for the sake of having something new, and now, hopefully, I’ll be forced to be a bit more discerning in what I buy. Since I received some non-cruelty-free gifts over the holidays and still have a lot of products I haven’t found cruelty-free replacements for, I’m not making this blog a CF exclusive place, but it is my intention to get to that point eventually. In the meantime, I hope you stick with me in this in-between stage!

Alright, I’m off to work on some new posts and maybe an editorial calendar (eep!). Happy belated New Year!