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New Wet n Wild Brushes

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWet n Wild recently came out with an entire line of super cute brushes. I first saw them on Instagram, and out of curiosity, I went onto to check them out. I was shocked at how cheap they were! There are 17 new brushes (all cruelty-free and vegan), each either $.99 or $2.99. I ended up buying eight of them, and even with shipping, my order was under $20. Score!

Let’s get into my thoughts.

brusheswithlabelsbrushcloseup1brushcloseup2They came packaged in individual plastic sleeves. The names of each brush were on the packaging, but are not on the actual brushes, which is inconvenient. I ended up throwing the sleeves away when I got the order in, which I regret because I believe I was sent a wrong brush! I ordered the Crease Brush, but I think I was sent the large concealer instead. (Side note, I had washed these brushes shortly before taking the photographs, so that’s why the large concealer brush looks slightly spiky in the pictures. It looks more normal and fluffy when dry). I ordered so many that I didn’t actually realize the mistake until I was writing this post, oops! Aside from the packaging, these definitely don’t feel high end, but they don’t feel like the cheapest brushes I have either. They’re lightweight, and I like the little ergonomic grippy part on each handle.

I was surprised at how stiff the bristles are on the angled liner and bent liner brushes. The bent liner brush in particular is super pointy and stiff. I’d never used a bent liner brush before and found this one easy to use to apply gel eyeliner. The only con I found with these two brushes, after using them with a black gel liner, is that they stained slightly. I guess I should have expected it with white bristles, but it was a little disappointing to find out they wouldn’t stay pristine forever.

The only brush I’m very disappointed in is the flat top brush. It sheds a lot and leaves streaks in my foundation. It was only $3, so I don’t feel too bad, but the amount of shedding from this one is pretty crazy. The large concealer brush is also one of my least favorites. I typically don’t use flat brushes for concealer (probably why I actually ordered the crease brush) because I don’t think they blend product onto my skin very well, and this one is no different.

I was hoping the small stipple brush would be similar to the Elf Small Stipple Brush, but this one is quite a bit stiffer, and I find it to apply my cream blush very intensely in one small patch, so it can be difficult to use it to blend.

My favorite is definitely the contour brush. It’s not a very dense brush, so it’s great for someone like me who doesn’t like a heavy contour. I would say that this brush is almost wispy, and I think it would be good for applying powder blush as well as bronzer. The powder brush is quiet nice too. It’s a good medium size; I was able to use it to set my under eye concealer with no trouble. The smokey liner brush is unique in my collection. I don’t do smokey liner looks often, but it’s nice to have something like this in case I need to do more detailed shadow and liner looks, that too for only a dollar!

So, there are some definite hits and misses with this collection. I would compare them to Elf and Eco Tools brushes in terms of quality. The prices are amazing, so I would try some of these out if you’re curious! Like I said, I really like the contour brush, but I would also recommend all three of the liner brushes.

I hope this review was helpful! Have a great weekend, everyone!


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