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Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

beccaxjaclynhill-champagne-collection-face-palette-packaging-frontLast week, I was lucky enough to order the new, limited edition Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette during its early release on the Sephora mobile app. It will go on sale on tomorrow, May 26th and will be available in stores on June 16th. For whatever reason, I feel like I need Jaclyn Hill’s collaborations with Becca whenever they’re announced. I don’t typically get excited about blogger or YouTuber collabs, but it’s different with Jaclyn! Even though our makeup styles couldn’t be more different, I know what she brings out with Becca will be high quality and very, very pretty! Here are some more pictures:

beccaxjaclynhill-champagne-collection-face-palette-packagingThe packaging is very pretty. It is plastic, but it has a nice weight to it that I feel would be over the top if it were made of glass or metal. The back of the palette has a sticker that details which shades and formulas are inside. The entire inside of the cover has a good, high quality mirror.

beccaxjaclynhill-champagne-collection-face-palette-1 beccaxjaclynhill-champagne-collection-face-paletteInside, you get a 0.19 oz pan each of Champagne Pop and the new highlighter, Prosecco Pop (Becca’s original Shimmering Skin Perfectors come in 0.28 oz pans). Prosecco Pop is described as a medium warm gold. You also get three blushes, Rosé Spritz (0.10 oz), a “peachy pink with pale gold shimmer”, Amaretto (0.12 oz), a “matte toasted almond”, and Pamplemousse (0.12 oz), a “matte warm coral pink”.


Swatches in natural indirect light


Swatches in direct sunlight

So far, I’m enjoying all the shades. I think my favorites so far may be Amaretto and Pamplemousse, which is exactly the opposite of what I expected. Amaretto seems a bit deep for very fair skin tones, but it actually looks quite muted and pretty after it’s blended out. Pamplemousse is BRIGHT! You need a very light hand for all of these as they are extremely pigmented, but especially for Rosé Spritz and Pamplemousse. It should also be noted that while Amaretto and Pamplemousse are described as matte on Sephora’s site, they do have a very small amount micro glitter when viewed up close, though it’s nowhere near as much as Rosé Spritz, which has all the pop of the two highlighters. While I do think Prosecco Pop is gorgeous, it is a bit noticeable on my skin. It has an obvious gold appearance instead of a natural-looking highlight. I’m wearing it as an eyeshadow today, and I think it looks beautiful!

Some other things to note: My palette came with a 1.5 ml sample of the Backlight Priming Filter. Becca claims this is a $136 value. I could be wrong, but when comparing the pan sizes in this palette to their normal pan sizes and prices, I could only come up with an overall value of $106. Still, considering this is retailing for $52, it’s an incredible savings. I was honestly expecting this to be more in the $70-$80 range.

Overall, this is a gorgeous palette. It’s definitely something to look into if you’re a collector, if you love Becca’s formulas, and if you love blushes and highlighters! Will you be ordering this when it goes on sale tomorrow?

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The best base for troubled skin days


Since my rant last Wednesday, my skin is already doing a lot better. For a few days, when it was at its worst, my reaction was to cover up as much as possible with a heavy foundation. I used the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation, which I normally like, but it ended up clinging to my dry skin and looking like a mask. The next day, I wanted to let my skin breathe, so I turned to a trusty favorite, the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. I first picked this stuff up last summer after hearing so many people rave about it.

I actually don’t think this is a great product for summer. If it’s hot or humid, your skin will be an oil slick within a few hours while wearing this. If you have naturally oily skin, just stay away from it altogether. The Complexion Rescue really comes through for me on days like today, when my skin is super dry and a little troubled. It’s such a light, yet moisturizing formula that sinks into the skin. You don’t have to worry about it clinging to dry patches or sitting on top of your skin and looking like you’re wearing a mask of heavy foundation. It won’t cover blemishes or dark circles, but that’s what concealer is for! I think when we’re heaving problem skin days, the best thing we can do is be gentle with our skin. Sometimes layering on heavy products can exacerbate the issue.

I highly recommend picking this up if you have dry skin or if you don’t really like wearing traditional foundations!

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Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation

I’m still new to K-beauty, but from my understanding, cushion foundations have been around for quite a while in Korea and other parts of Asia, but it’s only within the last year or two that they’ve taken off in the US. At the end of 2015, L’Oreal came out with their True Match Lumi Cushion, and around the same time, Physicians Formula came out with theirs. Previous to this one, I had only tried one other cushion, the Missha M Magic Cushion, and I was not a fan. Most cushion compact formulas are marketed as having light, buildable, dewy coverage with high SPF. The Missha one was quite heavy when applied with the sponge, and it turned my face into an oil slick after about two hours. I’m very happy to say the Physicians Formula version performed much better!

Let’s get to some pictures and my thoughts on the formula and packaging.

blog1 blog2 I think the packaging gets an A. I mean, it’s pretty adorable. I’ve used this compact around 15-20 times, and everything has held up perfectly, except the sponge, which I’ll get to later.

handswatchesFor the swatch above, I pressed my finger into the cushion once, swiped on my hand, then blended in with my fingers. In hindsight, I probably should have blended it in using the sponge, but I have a full face picture for that below. As you can see on my hand, the coverage is very light, and pretty much undetectable on the skin.

Here, we get to the first “con”. I purchased the shade “Light”, which is the lightest shade available, and it’s too dark for me (see the horribly blended edge on my neck). The other two shades are Light/Medium and Medium. I think it’s safe to estimate that about 75% of people are not going to get a great shade match with this product, which is a shame because I would definitely recommend trying it. It’s because I like it so much that even though the shade I have is a tad too dark, I use it anyway and make it work.

As for coverage, it’s definitely quite sheer. In the full-face pictures, I used the sponge to apply it. It blends into the skin very well, and doesn’t look cakey. You can easily build the coverage, although I tend not to because it will just make it more obvious that I’m wearing too-dark foundation. Some other notable qualities are that it has a dewy finish and no noticeable scent.

The main thing I don’t like about both cushion compacts I’ve used is the sponge applicator. It slips off my fingers, provides overly heavy coverage, and I’m convinced it’s full of bacteria, which brings me to my second “con”. I tried washing the sponge applicator before taking photos for this post, and it ripped open in two places. I thought I was being quite gentle. I used Dr. Bronner’s soap and gently squished out the water, but the sponge became almost gooey and started ripping apart, so I stopped immediately. I’m very curious how other people handle this problem. I’ve read that some people never wash them because they’re supposedly antibacterial, some people put them in sunlight to kill the bacteria naturally, and some people put them in ziploc baggies with soap and water and gently squish them around. Until I figure out the best way to clean them, I’m just going to stick with my method of dabbing the product on my face with my fingers and then blending it out with my Beautyblender.

fullfaceThis is after applying the rest of my makeup, and I’m pretty happy with it. If you have a lot of imperfections to cover and like a flawless finish, this foundation is probably not for you, but I’m satisfied with the amount of coverage it gives me. I also think it lasts remarkably well! I have a very oily t-zone, and while the Missha Magic Cushion completely melts off my face and makes me look like I got sprayed with cooking oil, the Physicians Formula cushion looks more or less the same on me after a full day of wear.

There you have it. I’m excited for more US brands to come out with cushion foundations!

Purchased for $16.95 at Rite Aid.