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When I was in 6th grade my hair started to change from stick-straight to wavy-curly. I had no idea how to deal with it, and as the years went on, my hair got curlier and more unruly. I feel like I’ve tried practically everything to tame my curls. I’ve used various mousses, gels, hairsprays, and pomades. At one point I jumped on the baking soda and apple cider vinegar train, and it was pretty awful. No offense to those who use this method, it just did not work for me.

Sometime last year, my hair started to fall out, and the ends became dry and brittle. I really wanted to get it cut, but I also wanted to keep growing it for my upcoming wedding. I settled for switching up my shampoo and conditioner, but it didn’t help at all. After the wedding, my first priority was to get a professional hair cut. This was the first real hair cut I’d gotten in six years. The stylist showed me how to achieve a blowout at home and how to style my hair myself. The next day, I tried the methods she showed me, but I was unable to achieve anything close. I appreciate what she tried teaching me, but she pretty much ignored the fact that I have curly hair. I know some people are able to put in the time and energy into styling their hair every morning, but I’m very low maintenance and most days I can’t be bothered to do anything more than a side braid. This is when I decided, once and for all, to try to embrace my curly hair.

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