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Mini Jordana haul & mini reviews

Jordanahauljordanahaul3jordanafabubrowLet me tell you the story of my quest to get my hands on the new Jordana Sweat Cream Matte Liquid Lip Colors. A couple months ago, on a blog or on Instagram, I saw that Jordana was releasing liquid lipsticks. I was super excited…Jordana is a cruelty-free company, and I wanted to try an affordable liquid lipstick before I sprung for one from Kat Von D or Anastasia. I went all over New York City to every Walgreen’s I could find, and I found exactly one shade in neon pink. I didn’t get it because I never have, and probably never will, wear hot pink lipstick. That was the only one I could find in person or online, for probably six to eight weeks, until I saw the announcement on Nouveau Cheap that Jordana had revamped their website and put up all the new products for purchase.

I hopped onto their site and placed an order for six items, including two shades of the liquid lipsticks, enough to qualify for free shipping. After receiving no confirmation email for a few days, I called the company and they informed me that they did have my order, and everything would be shipping out soon. After another couple of days, still with no email, I checked my order status on the site, and my total was now showing about $5 less than it was before, and my order now had only five items instead of six. I compared my original receipt with the new one, and sure enough, one of the lipsticks wasn’t on my order anymore, so I called Jordana again, and they informed me that one of the lipsticks I had ordered (Tiramisu) was out of stock and wouldn’t be shipping out to me. If I wanted it, I would have to place another separate order sometime in mid-April. Okay, whatever, things happen, they’re a small company, and they had just updated their site. I also wasn’t charged for shipping and the very nice woman I spoke to said if I placed an order for just the lipstick when they were back in stock, I could call her, and she would waive the shipping fee on that order as well. A few days later, my order was delivered – I finally had my hands on the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color in Crème Brulee! We had maybe a week or ten days together…it was nice. I really liked the color, and the formula wasn’t bad either. Then, this past Friday, I was robbed at work, and the thief took my purse, which had two lipsticks in it. One was The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Charming, and the other one was, you guessed it, the Jordana Liquid Lipstick in Crème Brulee.

Despite losing about $1100 worth of personal belongings, I’m particularly angry about losing that $5 lipstick, as ridiculous as it sounds. I may tell the story of what happened to me last Friday, but for now, let’s stick with some mini reviews, starting with the liquid lipstick:

Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color in Crème Brulee | I found this liquid lipstick to be comparable to its counterpart from The Balm. I do think the Meet Matt(e) Hughes are better in terms of staying power, but in all other areas they are pretty similar. I can’t comment on the other shades from Jordana, but Crème Brulee dries down about one shade darker than it applies. It has a sweet scent that I can’t quite place (made more difficult by the fact that I’m no longer in possession of it). It dries down completely matte, but it isn’t uncomfortable on the lips. It transfers slightly while drinking, and after eating, I do think it’s necessary to reapply since it wears down quite a bit in the center of the lips. Thankfully, it’s easy to reapply a new layer on top of the product already on your lips. It does emphasize lip lines, and it will start to form a gross white line in the center of your lips after several hours if you don’t check on it periodically. All in all, I think these are great for $5, and I desperately want to try more colors.

Made to Last Eyeshadow Primer | An eyeshadow primer is an eyeshadow primer is an eyeshadow primer. I’ve used a few throughout the years, and I’d be lying if I said I could tell much of a difference between any of them. Maybe I have low-maintenance eyelids, but I’ve never really had any issues with any primers, from the Urban Decay Primer Potion to the Wet n Wild Photo Focus, and they all seem to work great for me, this one included! I can’t think of anything bad to say about it!

Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara | While I don’t think this is a bad mascara, it’s probably my least favorite thing from my mini haul. The formula is very wet, which means it weighs my lashes down, and it doesn’t hold much of a curl. However, it is volumizing, so if that’s your thing, you’ll like this mascara. Plus, it’s only $4!

Made to Last Liquid Eyeshadow in Forever Sand | I already have two of these, but I wanted to pick up this shade because Tati raved about it. Maybe I have to work with it a little more, but I found this one to be kind of streaky and uneven compared to the other two shades I have. I do think the color is beautiful and very flattering on me, though. Check out a swatch in the picture below.

jordana creme brulee and forever sand

Left: Sweet Cream Liquid Lip Color in Crème Brulee. Right: Made to Last Liquid Eyeshadow in Forever Sand

Fabubrow Shape & Set Gel | Brow gel isn’t an everyday necessity for me, but I have liked using them in the past. This one is great! It gives my brow hairs a tiny bit more definition, and it sets them in place without feeling the least bit crunchy. I tried using it alone, without filling in my brows with my Brow Wiz, and while I don’t think I’ll be giving up filling in my brows any time soon, it’s a good option for super lazy or minimal makeup days.

Hopefully sometime soon, I’ll get to try more of the liquid lipsticks, not to mention replace my phone and other belongings. Right now, I’m trying to take my mind off of everything by taking a little time from work and playing with makeup 🙂


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