March 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

march2016vegancutsThe Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a subscription box that delivers 4-7 vegan beauty products to you each month. The March box is my third box (you can read about the first two here and here.) Let’s get into my thoughts on this month’s products.

Earthlab Cosmetics Vegan Mineral Pencil ($20) | I wasn’t super excited to see another product from Earthlab this month. The Earthlab mascara in January’s box was the worst mascara I’ve ever tried, so I don’t have high hopes for the eyeliner. I’m willing to try anything once, though!

Shea Radiance Black Soap Body Cleanser ($5) | I’ve been using this in the shower for about a week, and while I do like it, it’s nothing special. The yellow-brown color is off-putting, but it smells nice, like a blend of essential oils.

Dermorganic 8 Way Thermal Spray ($10) | I don’t know if I’ll ever use this, since I almost never heat style my hair, so I’ll probably be giving it away.

Pacifica Tunisian Jasmine Lime Rollerball ($12) | This is such a nice scent! I think it’s great for summer, and I’ve also tried layering it with my favorite perfume, Chloé Roses de Chloé, and it smells amazing.

October Fields Chamomile and Clover Candle ($1) | I’ve never gotten a candle in a subscription box before, so this was a nice surprise. It smells really good 🙂

Everclēn Eye Cream ($20) | I have a difficult time finding an eye cream I like. For some reason, I always feel like the eye creams I use make my under eye area even drier, and I’ve been noticing more fine lines and crêpe-iness the past couple of months, so I was glad to have a new one to try. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much improvement in the dryness around my eyes with this cream. I will probably continue to use it until I find a new one though.

After some thought, I decided to cancel my Vegan Cuts subscription. I do think they are a great value, and if you like getting products delivered to you without having to do any of the research into which brands/products are vegan, this is a great box. I realized that I didn’t like that I couldn’t customize my box at all. I would much prefer an all-makeup box, since skincare is very personal, and it’s hard to get right for someone with sensitive skin. I also don’t like getting hair products, since I don’t really style my hair, and I avoid all products with silicones and sulfates. This box did introduce me to a few products that I really love, so I think these three months were worth it!

If anyone has a recommendation for a makeup-only cruelty-free subscription box (or one that’s customizable), I’d love to hear about it!


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