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A love/hate relationship with a mascara?


Do you want a mascara that will literally cement your lashes into place for the foreseeable future? Well, I’ve found the one for you. Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara is by far the most intense mascara I’ve ever used. I first heard about it from Vivianna Does Makeup, and then on /r/asianbeauty in a holy grails thread. If I hadn’t gotten an Amazon gift card for my birthday, I probably wouldn’t have ever tried this, but I figured I’d buy some treats that I wouldn’t normally go for since it was a birthday present to myself 😀

Alright, so, good things first. Like I said, this mascara holds a curl. It holds it realllll good. Better than any other mascara I’ve tried. At first glance, there’s nothing really different about this mascara, no weird scent or brush, but the second time I used it, I noticed the tiny fibers. I haven’t seen or heard any mention of the fibers in any review, which I find weird, but I’m guessing they’re what makes this product so magical. It’s probably also why some people complain that it irritates their eyes. I don’t notice the fibers at all during application – I can’t actually see them being deposited onto my lashes, which is pretty crazy. This is probably the least clumpy mascara I’ve ever used, and so it’s also not extremely volumizing, but it doesn’t claim to be. It does, however, live up to its lengthening claims. Here are some before and after pictures so you can see the crazy lengthening and curling powers:isehankissmeheroinmakemascara2

As you can see, my natural lashes basically point downward, and after one coat of mascara, BAM. Note that I did curl my lashes, but I always, always do, no matter which mascara I use. With many formulas, my lashes tend to droop down considerably within 10 minutes of application, and then even more throughout the day. With Long & Curl they look exactly the same at the end of the day as they did right after the initial application. Which brings me to the bad part about this mascara, the part I really hate. IT’S SO HARD TO REMOVE. “Waterproof” doesn’t even begin to describe how tough this stuff is. I use a pretty heavy duty oil cleanser, the Aromatica Natural Coconut Oil Cleanser, followed by the Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser, and I’ve found these two products remove all traces of every other mascara I own. But not this one, ohhhh no. After an oil cleanser and a foaming cleanser, I then have to go in with a separate eye makeup remover. These three remove 90-95% of the mascara before I give up and refuse to lose any more eyelashes. I’ve been pulling out eyelashes left and right because of this stuff, and I can’t do it anymore! Besides that, all the constant rubbing and tugging around my eyes has left my eyelids dry and flaky. Not good.

So yes, I love and hate this mascara. Many people do say you need to get this specific brand’s eye makeup remover to go with it. I just might try it because I’m not ready to give up on this mascara!

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