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A comfortable liquid lipstick

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So far, I’ve completely avoided the liquid lipstick craze. I’m all for long-lasting lip products, but I’m not a huge fan of super-drying, ultra-matte lipsticks that crack off when you smile. Enter The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks. Out of all the formulas, drugstore and high-end, I hadn’t heard that much about these except for one or two good reviews, so I decided to try them out for myself. I picked out the shade Committed, a warm-toned mauve. The formula is slightly mousse-y, and it smells exactly like Thin Mints. The applicator makes it easy to be precise, and I would say the formula gives you a good minute or two to correct any mistakes before it dries down.


First application

As you can see, it does dry down quite matte. I was waiting for that tight, drying feeling, but I was pleasantly surprised that it never happened. After a few minutes, it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything on my lips at all. Now the big question, is it really long-lasting?


After four hours, eating and drinking

It does wear off slightly after eating and drinking, mostly in the center of the lips, and it does transfer a tiny bit onto glasses/mugs while you’re drinking, but all in all, it is definitely long-lasting. My main issue with this lipstick, and you can see it from the pictures, is that it really emphasizes the lines in my lips. My lips weren’t particularly dry on the day I took these photos, and I do have naturally line-y lips, so keep that in mind if it’s something you’re conscious of with your lipsticks. Thankfully, this is a liquid lipstick formula that is easy to reapply. I can apply two or three more layers throughout the day on top of the original application, and it looks fine.



A couple more things: You can mash your lips together with this lipstick, and the color won’t peel, crack off, or transfer onto the other lip. I’ve heard other liquid lipsticks tend to do this. Also, I should point out that I’m one of those people who is constantly checking my lipstick in a mirror to make sure it looks good. Last night I went to a show and wasn’t able to check how it looked for about four hours, and at the end of the night (after about nine total hours of wear), it did start gathering in a gross line at the center of my lips and cracking off. But if you check on it periodically and touch it up when needed, you should be completely fine. So, other than emphasizing the lines in my lips, I love this lipstick! I’ve already gone out and picked up another color!

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