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wishlistEver since I gave away my desk last year (it was a sidewalk rescue), I’ve been looking around for a replacement. The one I got rid of was one of those giant ugly hunks of wood types, and I want something the complete opposite. Whenever I look for furniture, I inevitably find my way back to Ikea. It’s never failed me yet. I’m not sure if the Lillåsen desk is the one I’m going to settle on, but I like its delicateness.

Other than a new desk, I’ve been wanting more plants for ages. I’ve had a few throughout the years that have all died, except for one tiny succulent, so I figure I’ll get some artificial ones. Ikea seems to have a really good selection, and I’ve heard good things about them. Of course, I would like to get some real ones too, and I think the Satsumas plant stand is gorgeous. The hanging Bittergurka planters would be a great way to introduce some green into our pretty drab kitchen.

Our living room curtains are abysmal. They’re a dull beige, and our cat has clawed/shredded them to bits over the past two years, so it’s time for some new ones. I’m not sure if the Syssan curtains are too busy, but they’d be a good way to introduce some green and to brighten up our space.

I’ve also been wanting some picture ledges and more prints, as well as more interesting serveware.

If you have any recommendations for home decor shops or for where to get good artificial plants, I’d love to hear!

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