One of the best things about having an Indian spouse is trips to India! I went to India for the fourth time this past November, and we took a mini vacation to Kerala. I have to say, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. We flew into Kochi, then drove four or so hours into the mountains to Munnar, a hill station. We spent one day exploring a tea plantation, which is where the majority of these photos were taken. We would have happily hiked for an entire day, if it weren’t for the discovery of the leaches. Oh, the leaches. They were on our shoes, in our shoes, on our legs, everywhere. Eventually we all admitted that we were pretty grossed out, and headed back to the hotel to chill.

Our next stop was Alleppey, known for its backwaters and canals. We spent a night on a houseboat. I don’t really feel entitled to offer much travel advice, but as far as houseboats go, please consider springing for as upscale a houseboat as you can afford. Ours, while decent, came with some unpleasant critters. It was a good experience nonetheless!

Now, on to the pictures!

DSC_7166 DSC_7180 DSC_7182 DSC_7187 DSC_7196DSC_7198 DSC_7211 DSC_7214 DSC_7217DSC_7219 DSC_7222 DSC_7229 DSC_7233DSC_7254 DSC_7260 DSC_7269 DSC_7271DSC_7280 DSC_7281 DSC_7285 DSC_7294 DSC_7303 DSC_7304DSC_7312 DSC_7313 DSC_7318DSC_7322 DSC_7348 DSC_7387 DSC_7399 DSC_7405

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