I’ve been seeing various eye prints all over the place for ages now, but it seems like the trend is still going strong. Just the other day, I saw a woman with a rad beaded eye coin purse. I wish I had had the sense to ask her where it was from because I can’t find anything online that closely resembles it. Oh well. Once I started realizing that I loved so many of the weird/eerie/cute eye-themed things I was seeing online, I started bookmarking them, and I’m finally getting around to sharing them with you.

  1. Nali Eye Print Acrylic Clutch Bag
  2. Zara Plain Knit Uneven Hem Sweater with Eye Embroidery
  3. Kenzo New Eyes Scarf
  4. Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Open Eye Mirror
  5. Fine Little Day Eye Eye Poster
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