Finally, after only seven weeks, I’m done going through all our pictures from Rome. In my defense, we took over 500 photos in Rome alone, and about 1200 in total. Also in my defense, what I thought was dust on our lens turned out to be dust on our camera’s sensor, so no matter how much we cleaned the lens, every single picture had about 30 dust specks scattered throughout, and painstakingly ‘shopping them out was, well, awful and very time consuming.

Enough about that, though. I definitely recommend visiting Rome if you get the chance. If we had stayed for a month, I’m sure we still wouldn’t have seen half of all there is to see in the city. Highlights for me were climbing to the very tip top of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Musei Capitolini, and the Colosseum (we actually stayed four blocks from the Colosseum, it was amazing!) I hope you enjoy these photos!

DSC_5609 DSC_5638 DSC_5643 DSC_5663 DSC_5680 DSC_5687 DSC_5742 DSC_5746 DSC_5754 DSC_5776DSC_5818 DSC_5841 DSC_5847 DSC_5849 DSC_5855 DSC_5884 DSC_5898 DSC_5901 DSC_5918DSC_5950 DSC_6002 DSC_6012 DSC_6033 DSC_6035 DSC_6037 DSC_6064 DSC_6084 DSC_6101 DSC_6113 DSC_6119 DSC_6124 DSC_6125 DSC_6129DSC_6133 DSC_6139 DSC_6149 DSC_6160 DSC_6170 DSC_6177 DSC_6183

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  • Reply roamingpursuits June 16, 2015 at 9:01 pm

    Awesome art and architecture.

  • Reply Bernice June 17, 2015 at 6:36 am

    These photos look amazing! Rome is definitely now on my wish list for travels

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