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Thursday Three #3

This week, an unpopular beauty opinion, a yummy and filling vegan salad recipe, and HARRY POTTER!

Stop covering your dark circles | My under eye circles are the one thing I’d change about my appearance if given the chance (okay, maybe not seriously, but I think about it sometimes!). Not only do I struggle with discoloration, but I’m slowly getting a deep sunken in trough in the area beneath my eyes that no amount of concealer will ever cover. At times I feel self-conscious, so I was happy to see this article pop up on xoVain. I also looove that picture of Audrey Hepburn.

Delicious roasted chickpea and kale salad | Last Thursday, I cooked a completely vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner for my husband and two of our friends. When we were picking recipes, my husband directed me toward Serious Eat’s meatless Thanksgiving recipe section and this unassuming salad seemed like an easy way to get in some veggies along with all the delicious carbs. The sun-dried tomatoes and mint transform a plain salad to something truly delicious and the roasted chickpeas make it really satisfying.

Amazing Harry Potter book redesigns | Harry Potter forever! You may have already seen these redesigns floating around online the past few days, but if not, check them out, they GLOW IN THE DARK! They’re a final project of Hungarian student, Kincso Nagy. I’m seriously contemplating rereading the series for the first time in about six years.

I hope you’re having a great week!

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